Casinos: Europe and Middle East

Casino Lisboa is one of the most popular casinos of the world. Located in Portugal, it was built in the parish known as the Park of Nations and publicly opened in mid-April of 2006. The magnificent casino has space for 1000 slot machines, four bars, 22 gaming tables, 3 restaurants, and a theater!

Although the casino lies on the water in Lisbon, it is actually owned by Chinese gaming mogul Stanley Ho. Ho in turn owns a large gaming company called Estoril-Sol. Interestingly, Ho and Estoril-Sol operate another casino called Lisboa in the Chinese special administrative region of Macau.

When the Portuguese Casino Lisboa first opened, business boomed. Early projections had 6,000 visitors a day pouring through the doors. However, business topped almost 10,000 visitors– over 1.5 times the projection! And within the first 5 months, the casino raked in 30.2 million euros, which was equal to the 15 year concession fee the company paid to build it. It has also proved to be a solid boost for surrounding malls and shops in the area. It really does seem to be a huge boost to the surrounding economies. If you plan on going, be prepared to mingle with a younger crowd: no tuxes or gowns here. Keep it smart and casual!

If you find yourself in the Middle East, be sure to check out some casinos in Israel. Interestingly, casinos are illegal in the middle eastern nation’s most populous city, Jerusalem, but there is a way around it. What are allowed, are floating casinos that dock nearby and keep close to the coast. While they are usually frequented by tourists, locals and residents are allowed to hop on board, too. Some popular ones include the Royal Iris Cruise Casino and the Flamingo Casino. Though Israel has the most casinos, the Lebanese capital of Lebanon has the biggest: Casino Du Liban.

Which of these are you excited to visit?