Casino Feature: Genting Highlands Resort

High above Malaysia’s Titiwangsa Mountains lies the Genting HIghlands Resort, a huge gaming complex occupying over 200,000 square feet. It turns 50 years old this year, and is operated by Genting Malaysia Berhad. What’s exceptionally cool about this resort is getting there: the drive is scenic, but those looking for fun can also choose to ride Genting Skyway, a gondola that for a time was Southeast Asia’s fastest!

While Genting Highlands Resort is a gamer enthusiast’s dream, it offers more than card tables and slot machines. It’s an all inclusive venture, that has a number of attractions and accommodation options. Currently, five hotels are located on the grounds– including The First World Hotel, which was for a time the largest hotel in the world. It will flex it’s accomodation muscle again though, because 2013 saw the announcement of a 1500 room expansion to the massive hotel.

Genting has the unique status of being the only legally operated casino in Malaysia, so it can constantly beef itself up without worrying too much about outside competition. So how does a resort like that stay ahead of the Game and give visitors all they could ask for and then some? The folds at Genting Malaysia Berhad thought adding a theme park was a good idea. It’s proved a success, as this isn’t a run of the mill theme park. It operates both indoors and outdoors and features a number of family rides and games.

If you were to go there now, you’d find the theme park closed. But that’s not because of failure. Genting is doing away with the old and introducing a new park into the area, a 20th Century Fox World. This will be the first Fox theme park as well. It will be around 25 acres inside and feature as many thrill rides inspired by a number of films from Fox Studios.

If you ever find yourself at Genting, no matter where you turn, you are bound to find something that catches your eye.